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Would you like to know if you could be helped by Dr. Sizenbach's Sciatica Rehab program? If so please read on...

For the next 4 weeks, Dr. Sizenbach is offering a Free Consultation Visit as a way for patients to learn more about his program and to see if you might be a good candidate. We currently have 6 Spots left.

Here is how it works:

 * A consultation to discuss your case and learn more about our treatment program. 

* The Doctor can answer any questions you might have about our treatments.

* If you would like we can check your insurance information as well. This way you will know what your coverage will be before you do anything.

Currently we only have 6 spots left as of today and is strictly limited to the first 15 people.  

To learn more about his treatment program and see our treatment videos please visit our website at: 


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*Medicare/Medicaid Disclaimer: Due to Medicare regulations no discounted services can be given. Patients may come in to ask questions about our treatment process but does not include any services (i.e. treatments, exams or etc). They will be charged at our normal fees if you would like to continue with any services. The initial exam is $70. We will inform you of any charges or fees should you decide to pursue treatment.

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